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A cooperative housing loan is a flexible loan for your co-operative housing. For security in your cooperative, you can use the loan to buy a cooperative or to rebuild and improve the accommodation you have.

What does a cooperative housing loan mean?What is a cooperative housing loan


When you buy a cooperative, it must be paid in cash, but you can choose to finance the purchase with a bank loan for which the cooperative housing is provided.
You are fully entitled to pledge your share, which is your share of the co-operative housing association’s net assets less the already pledged parts. Your cooperative housing association may not require you to finance the purchase yourself and not pledge your share, but they may require a loan limit of 80% of the value of the share. However, this is only valid if such a decision has been taken and is stated in the Articles of Association.
A cooperative housing loan is a traditional bank loan with a variable interest rate and for you who will regularly pay off the debt. A cooperative housing loan is not only for you who wants to buy a new cooperative, but can also be used to borrow at your own value. With a loan in the value-added loan, you can improve the home or convert an existing housing loan.

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Where to get it and how?

Where to get it and how?

You can borrow money for your cohabitation from a bank. When you need to take out the loan in the bank where you place your share as collateral, the cooperative housing association’s board must make a statement that you are approved as a shareholder and have the right to use the dwelling. The declaration is called a declaration of access and must be used when the bank must register its mortgage on the share.
In addition to the statement, you also need to use a cooperative housing print to get the loan registered. The cooperative housing report is a document that shows the ownership of the cooperative housing.