How to get a loan – Low Interest

In this article we will talk about how to get loan from Itau! But if you want, you can also choose one of these options:

Before choosing the banking institution in which you will apply for a personal loan, it is important to understand what it is and what its purposes are. Also called personal credit, the loan is a financing service provided by banks for the purchase of consumer goods or other products.

Lutiloan Bank is a Brazilian company that operates in 20 countries around the world and has a team of more than 100 thousand employees. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to get a loan from Lutiloan, the leading performance bank in Brazil.

Who can borrow Lutiloan


Personal loans may be granted to any individual over the age of 18 who has a checking account with Bank Lutiloan and does not present any impediment to the factors analyzed.

What is analyzed before you get a loan at Lutiloan

credit loan

The loan concession follows a rigorous process of analysis and the manager complies with standards established by the bank. If there are impeding factors, the loan grant is compromised. For a loan to be approved, the following are assessed:

  • Customer registration
  • Your income
  • Ability to pay
  • Account Movement History
  • Cadastral information in the CPF (status of the document in the Internal Revenue Service, registrations in credit protection agencies, etc.)

Intensive use of technology by Lutiloan makes it easier to borrow money

How to get a personal loan at Lutiloan

How to get a personal loan

For those who are an accountant, the bank offers a great opportunity: pre-approved credit. With it you can take a personal loan in internet banking or in the ATM, to use when you need it, without paperwork, without delays and without unforeseen circumstances.

If the pre-approved amount is not sufficient or the loan conditions are not favorable, look for the manager of your agency or look for the bank’s call center.

For those who are not registered, it will be necessary to open an account at the bank. Go to an agency with the following documents:

  • RG and CPF
  • Proof of current income
  • Proof of recent residence (issued within 90 days)
  • A copy of your last personal income tax return, with the respective delivery receipt.
  • It is important to note that opening the account does not guarantee that the loan will be granted.

Since the personal loan at Lutiloan is made available in the account

Since the personal loan at Lutiloan is made available in the account

In this type of loan, the amount is automatically credited to your account on the same day of hiring. The limit is stipulated from an automatic evaluation made based on the factors mentioned in the previous item. The terms of loans can vary daily, so it is necessary to carefully check the conditions before hiring.

Advantages of borrowing from Lutiloan

  • Possibility to pay your installments up to 48 times
  • 90 days grace period to pay the first installment
  • You can choose the date to pay your tuition
  • Lutiloan has insurance that guarantees the payment of the installments of your personal loan in the event of something unexpected, such as unemployment or health problems

Disadvantages of borrowing from Lutiloan

  • The personal loan interest rate is high, about 4.54% per month. Compared to the six largest banks, Lutiloan ranks fifth. Applying this rate, if you borrow a thousand reais for six months, for example, you would pay more than $ 200 in interest only.
  • The IOF (Taxes on Financial Transactions) is charged with an interest rate of 4.50%
  • The Total Effective Cost (CET) varies according to the financing done, where the interest rate can reach up to 8.99% a month.

Other types of loans at Lutiloan

Other types of loans at Lutiloan

Payroll loans

It is a loan with indirect payment, that is, the installments are deducted directly from the payroll of the individual.

This modality is safer for those who are lending, because the collection is practically automatic and the responsibility is of the employer company, the union or the government body.

That is why this type of loan can be granted even to people with a name on record of default in the NCC or Nasaca. However it is important to remember that the granting of the loan is subject to cadastral and credit analysis, existence of margin available for the appropriation on your salary and approval by your employer.

Lutiloan offers the following advantages in this type of loan:

  • Lower interest rates
  • It is not necessary to justify the use of
  • The money is deposited directly into your account
  • 60 days grace period to pay the first installment
  • The installments are deducted directly from your payroll

Credit with guarantee

In this modality, your assets are placed as collateral in the contracting of the credit. Through this process, lower interest rates are obtained by the reduction of risk that the operation happens to have. To contract you must be an accountant at Lutiloan, have a pre-approved limit and eligible investments.

Customers who have investments in Lutiloan can use them as collateral to make loans and carry out their projects, without the need to redeem their applications. Among the accepted assets are vehicles in the name of the individual who is applying for the credit, or property already taken, also on behalf of the person.

This option is subject to credit approval and the analysis of the investments pledged as collateral. You can contract for Lutiloan 30 hours on the internet, on the cell phone, at the ATMs and also on the telephone. If you prefer, go to one of the agencies.

Anticipation of the 13th salary

For those who receive salary from Lutiloan, it is not necessary to wait until the end of the year to receive the 13th salary. When you apply for the advance, if approved, the money goes straight to your account.

To facilitate payment, the debt for the payment of the anticipation happens automatically in your checking account in a single installment, on the date of receipt of the refund of your income tax or in the month of December, whichever occurs first.